Three boats in Bodrum

Our Fleet

Embark on a Journey of Elegance and Luxury with Our Diverse Yacht Fleet

Our fleet consists of five distinct categories: luxury gulets, deluxe gulets, classic gulets, luxury motor yachts, and daily tour boats. These categories are determined by the yacht’s size and the amenities available on board.

Regardless of your choice, your time on board will be a delightful experience, offering superb cuisine, exceptional hospitality, and luxurious relaxation for a dream cruise. Book your journey now and discover the world of luxury sailing like never before!

The boat M/S Zephyria II in Bodrum

Luxury Gulets

M/S BURG-U ZAFER sailing ship

Deluxe Gulets

Classic Gulets

Motor Yachts


Tour Boats


Special Offers

The difference is in the details

You’ll sense it in the immaculate white sails and how your beds are made with fine, crisp cotton.

You’ll see it in the thick layers of glossy varnish and the well-polished brass sparkling under the sun.

You’ll feel it in the genuine smiles of your crew and the welcoming atmosphere of seeing your wishes and requests carried out with care.