Sailing holiday in Bodrum on the M/S BURG-U ZAFER

Let yourself get carried away

Top view of the M/S BURG-U ZAFER top view

Custom yacht cruises for the discerning

A Bodrum Boat Club cruise is tailored to you and your entourage – with only the very best of what makes life sweeter, more fun, and more exciting.

Your blue cruise will be designed around your specific wishes and preferences, and you will be fully attended to around the clock by the crew of 3-6 trained professionals included in the cruise.

Whatever your preferences or requests, we have the connections to make it happen – whether you want an extra boat for a spontaneous adventure to a secluded beach, feel like throwing a last-minute party on deck, or need an apartment in town for friends dropping by. What thrills you?

Call us 24/7 to inquire

We are based in Denmark, but we divide our time between Scandinavia and Bodrum/Turkey. Apart from English, we speak Danish, Norwegian, German, and Turkish.

Woman on holiday in Bodrum

A part of Bodrum Leisure Club

Bodrum Boat Club is one of three unique concepts offered by Bodrum Leisure Club. Our experiences are designed for maximum enjoyment of whatever thrills you. Curious to see how else we can delight you?