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Your Balance  Your Retreat


Once you’ve decided to come on a retreat with us, we tailor the personal content to your liking. We offer a wide range of elements to customise your retreat to your specific needs and wishes, for example: Coaching, personality profiling, individual yoga or toning lessons, cooking and nutrition workshops, and more.

At Bodrum Balance Club we are firm believers in both-and – because either-or is simply too limiting! Balance is not about denying yourself what makes you feel vibrantly alive. What gets you into balance is deeply personal. It’s all about what works for you and where you are at in your life.

And remember: No balance without fun! It is no coincidence that your retreat is held in an exquisite environment that offers all kinds of delights – from exclusive nightlife and charming boutique streets to historical sights, or natural peace and quiet.

View to Bodrum sea through a little hole in the wall

Get in touch to tailor your programme

We go above and beyond to create the best retreat for you. You don’t have to be decided on which personal extras to add to your programme, before you get in touch – we are here, if you need fresh eyes on your situation to better help you choose.

Have a chat with Kristine Overgaard Nielsen on tel. +45 7170 4026

At Bodrum Balance Club we are well-connected and available for requests round-the-clock to suit your schedule. Apart from English, we speak Danish, Norwegian, German, and Turkish.